Tinx Wants To Be Clear - She Loves Botox

I am so honored to be mentioned by my dear friend, Christina Najjar, in her recent interview with Refinery29. Many of you may know Christina as @itsmetinx on TikTok and Instagram. She has been coming to see me in the office for Botox, and we have become close friends along the way.

"I get Botox from Dr. Lara Devgan in New York. She's such an amazing doctor and has a great eye for balance."

One thing I always preach is the importance of transparency when it comes to non-surgical and surgical procedures. In a time of Instagram filters and facetune, people appreciate authenticity. This is why I love Christina's transparency about Botox. Christina states, "Im very open about my love of Botox. I don't want to give anyone unrealistic standards. My forehead doesn't move, not because I drink a lot of water, but because I have a lot of Botox in my forehead, and that's okay."
Thank you again Christina and Refinery29 for including me in this wonderful piece. Xx Dr. Lara.


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