Going Out Essentials

Get Ready with Dr. Lara Devgan
"I’m sharing my top picks from the Dr. Lara Devgan line that will help you achieve flawless and effortless beauty that's perfect for any occasion.” xx Dr. Lara

Hyaluronic Serum
My HYALURONIC SERUM is the-go to serum for an extra dose of collagen and hydration. It promotes a seamless glass skin appearance while plumping the skin. I like to use the HYALURONIC SERUM as a base, making the skin a smooth canvas for makeup.

Extreme Lengthening Mascara
Our most anticipated product that sold out within 2 days! My EXTREME LENGTHENING MASCARA provides effortlessly beautiful eyelashes with its intense black carbon pigment and curved silicone based wand. I like to use this after the PLATINUM LONG LASH for subtle yet dramatic lashes.

Platinum Lip Plump
My secret to beautifully plumped and voluminous lips is my PLATINUM LIP PLUMP. Unlike other lip plumps on the market, I only include science-backed and medical-grade ingredients. This makes it more safe and effective. As a result, our PLATINUM LIP PLUMP mimics the appearance of actual lip injections, but for a much cheaper price.
Xx Dr. Lara

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