Who What Wear Beauty Forecast: Science-Backed Skincare by Women Doctors for All People

In Who What Wear's latest Beauty Forecast they analyze how beauty has evolved to become more 

inclusive, higher-performing, smarter, and more sustainable. The introduction of cosmetic treatments as products has also taken over the beauty industry by storm. From medical-grade devices that promise age-defying results to science-backed ingredients that promise in-office caliber results, Who What Wear reached out to Dr. Lara Devgan to discuss whether these have the capacity to replace in-office treatments. 

“In-office procedures such as lasers, peels, and micro needling will always have the advantage in terms of efficiency, speed, efficacy, and sheer power, but at-home treatments can definitely get you a bit of the way there—slowly but surely,” says Lara Devgan, MD, MPH, FACS, and founder of Dr. Lara Devgan Skincare. “I think of them as complementary pathways, rather than one replacing the other.”

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