Departures: Science-Backed Skincare by Women Doctors for All People

In Departures latest article Science Backed Skincare by Women Doctors for All PeopleI was invited to share what professional accomplishments I am proud of as a woman in my field. 

"I am proud of redefining modern beauty as the permission to be your own kind of beautiful. I grew up in LA in the ostentatious ’90s, when there was one beauty standard that was exaggerated, exclusionary, and often dehumanizing. I believe that subtle is the new dramatic and that there are many ways to define identity and beauty. Plastic surgery as a field is grossly misunderstood, and I have made it my mission to elevate my field without any kind of flashy marketing scheme, but rather with truly excellent bespoke outcomes that push the envelope of what is possible with surgical and nonsurgical outcomes."

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