Are chin augmentations really the new nose job? Coveteur investigates this very question. 


Firstly, what is a chin augmentation? Chin augmentation is a surgical or non-surgical procedure that alters the underlying structure of the face, providing better balance to the facial features. There are a few options when it comes to facial augmentation. While chin implants are the gold standard due to its permanency, fillers are a popular (and cheaper) alternative. Fillers may be temporary but some surgeons argue that getting filler before surgery may serve you better in the long run  as many find it better to see what they will look like before making any permanent changes. 

So why are chin augmentations having a moment right now? Dr. Devgan notes that, “During this strange time, we’ve all been spending so much more time on social media and our cell phones, and I think we’re all seeing the power of these tiny little transformations...and now, with social sharing and de-stigmatization around procedures, along with celebrities and reality stars taking people through their surgical and injectables journeys, there’s just a lot more awareness that this is something that is possible and this is what it looks like before, during, and after.” It is quite evident that social media has played a huge role in the plastic surgery community. Before and after photos take up the majority of space in a plastic surgeon's Instagram, and for good reason. It not only shows the validity of the procedures but also serves as inspiration for future patients. 

Experts emphasize that facial sagging, disproportionate facial features, cheekbone definition, facial profile imbalance, and overall bone structure can all be corrected with chin augmentation. “Particularly with profile balancing, I would say maybe in half of my nasal cases, we’re making some adjustment to the chin because the nose and chin have a very important relationship with each other, as well,” Dr. Devgan notes. “If you’re looking at the face and profile and you drop a perpendicular line from the top of the nose to the base of the columella, which is the bottom of the nose and down, that’s the vertical plane that you would like the chin to lie on. And so if someone’s chin is behind that, typically they can benefit from a little bit of filler or an implant.” While the lower half of our faces were hidden for nearly a year, our mask-wearing reality may be coming to a close in the near future.



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