Last year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Devgan was featured in Forbes to talk about her vision about the future of beauty. When asked about what beauty will mean in a post-Covid world, Dr. Devgan noted that, “How can we make something that has often been dismissed as frivolous and superficial into something that adds to the quality and fabric of our lives? Ultimately, I think that the answer to those questions is that beauty is about confidence. Pretty skin and long eyelashes are not about how your face looks. They are about how you feel about yourself, and how you radiate that confidence into greater productivity in the world around you.” 

While Dr. Devgan’s medical practice closed in May of 2020, she found herself busy with her skincare line Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, noting that an interest in medical-grade skin care had grown tremendously. “I originally started my skincare line with the goal of helping my surgical and injectable patients maintain their results at home. It was a small office-based line, a passion project for my personal patients. Over the past few years, it organically grew, fueled by some high-profile media mentions, but really, more just by people liking it and telling a friend.” With only a year gone by, Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty has launched with companies like Sephora and Net-A-Porter, manufactured new products like the Extreme Length Mascara and gummy nutraceuticals, and has gained media attention from publications like Martha Stewart, Vogue, Refinery29, Elle, Violet Grey, and Forbes.

 In just one year, Dr. Devgan has managed to maintain her medical practice and grow her skincare line while spearheading a new outlook on plastic surgery and beauty - subtle is the new dramatic. When asked how she thought the pandemic would impact people’s perception of beauty, Dr. Devgan noted that, “The ‘Maleficent’ cheekbones and ‘duck’ lips and ‘Jessica Rabbit’ buttocks represent an era prior to coronavirus, and this is not what people want anymore. Seeing our friends and colleagues succumb to this disease and watching our society and economy shut down has made us all a little more serious, a little more restrained, a little more mature. I predict a more natural approach to plastic surgery, and frankly I am looking forward to this. I think of beauty in the tiny details and excellent outcomes in the millimeters, and a small boost can have a great impact.” Since this article was published, Dr. Devgan has noticed the shift to subtle procedures she predicted would happen come to fruition. 

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