Beauty Bosses x Ben Varadi + Inge Theron!

Our two newest guests on Beauty Bosses are Ben Varadi and Inge Theron!

Ben Varadi, Director, Chief Creative Officer & Executive VP at Spin Master. Spin Master is the group behind some of your favorite children's toys and franchises including Paw Patrol, Bakugan, Hatchimals, Kinetic Sand and Air Hogs. Ben graduated with his honors business administration degree from Western University’s Richard Ivey School of Business in Ontario, Canada and then went on to become a founding member of Spin Master with two of his friends Anton Rabie and Ronnen Harary.

Inge Theron is founder of FaceGym and ITANDA. Inge previously was a beauty and wellness columnist for the Financial Times and had a reputation for being a ‘Spa Junkie’. Through her experience with invasive and non-invasive procedures, she founded FaceGym, a facial workout utilizing different massaging techniques and traditional Chinese healing and wellness methods to alleviate pain, improve blood circulation, and release toxins. FaceGym has 13 global studio locations in London, Manchester, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney.


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Beauty Bosses x Ben Varadi and Inge Theron

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