The goop Guide to Cosmetic Surgeons

We get a lot of questions about cosmetic plastic surgery and surgeons here at goop, so we’ve put together this small, by no means exhaustive guide based on specialty. As with all things aesthetic and subjective, there are “looks” within the field, and the one we favor is really no look at all: more radiant, refreshed, at ease, and above all, natural. The doctors here are known for beautifully natural results, and all of them are beloved by happy goop-friend customers, as well as other top surgeons in the field, top dermatologists, hairstylists, and makeup artists.

With any kind of surgery, consultations are critical, as is getting a sense of how often your doctor performs the particular procedure you’re interested in, looking at before-and-afters, and even meeting a given surgeon’s postsurgery patients to assess movement, shape, and any visible scarring in person. While some of the doctors on this list specialize in particular treatments, most are skilled in a range of procedures and all are board-certified (never get surgery from someone who is not board-certified). Exactly what a surgeon is board-certified in makes a difference, too: Surgeons trained in otolaryngology (also known as ENT, for ear, nose, and throat) who do procedures on the face are called facial plastic surgeons. They do plastic surgery only above the collarbone, whereas traditional plastic surgeons operate from head to toe. But other specialists—like some oral surgeons and ob-gyns—can also be called plastic surgeons, so it’s critical to know whom you’re talking to and what they’re best at.

A major focus of Lara Devgan’s practice is a face-lift she devised for people in their forties: There’s a shorter scar, a deeper tissue lift, and a more natural result. The board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon performs something she calls facial optimization, involving both surgical and nonsurgical techniques, including injectables and suture suspension lifting. For eyelid surgery, Devgan is known for her signature zip-stitch technique, which creates a seamless closure.

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*Adapted from a goop article.

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