Our latest Skinspiration is Carly Mark, contemporary artist, writer, and fashion designer. You might be familiar with her line Puppets and Puppets, a label that merges fashion and art, with unconventional pieces that explore storytelling and non-traditional themes. Carly holds an impressive resume in the art and fashion world and was nominated for the 2022 CFDA Emerging Designer of the Year Award. Continue reading to get the scoop on Carly’s beauty secrets!

Carly Mark x Dr. Devgan

What is something you used to hate about your appearance but you now love?

I have big eyes and my emotions are very transparent through them. When I was younger I was self conscious about how big they are but now I like them,

What is one non-negotiable in your morning routine

Moisturizer and I use Dr. Devgan’s Extreme Lengthening Mascara every day.

Extreme Lengthening Mascara

If you had to eat the same dish from one restaurant in NYC every meal, forever, what would it be?

The chicken soup from Atla.

Which historical figure do you most identify with and why?

I really love Anne Rice. Interview with a Vampire is just a great book. I love her style, fashion sense, and she's just great.

If you could have a lifetime supply of any Dr. Devgan skincare product, which one would it be?

The mascara!

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