Well + Good: Chemical Peels for Sensitive Skin Don't Have to Be Scary - Here are 7 Derms Always Recommend

My RETINOID MICROPEEL COLLECTION was named as one of the "best chemical peels" by Well + Good. This is one of my favorite at home approaches for improving skin quality in a fast & focused way.
"At their simplest, 'chemical peels resurface the color, texture, and appearance of the skin for an improvement in hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and overall glow,' says Lara Devgan, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon."

"According to Dr. Devgan, this peel combines all her go-to exfoliants. With ingredients like hydration-boosting hyaluronic acid, cell-turnover stimulating retinol and bakuchiol (a natural ingredient that works similarly to retinol, but with less irritation), and a brightening vitamin CBE/ferulic acid complex, it was designed 'to achieve a more focused micropeel in 10 days,' she says."

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