Skin Transformations

Skin Transformations with Dr. Lara Devgan
“Skincare and beauty are hugely misunderstood and often trivialized, but confidence and self-possession are incredibly poignant, meaningful, and powerful forces. Our personal identities are mental and emotional, but we are housed in our physical body. Many of my clients reach out to me with their touching skin transformation stories. They share how my products have not only transformed their skin, but it has greatly impacted their confidence. Helping my clients achieve this, in a safe and medically responsible manner, is a true privilege for me. Xx Dr. Lara.”

Discover Your Skincare Routine Based on Your Concerns
I always tell my clients that there is no such thing as a miracle product to solve every skin concern. A well balanced skincare routine is like a well balanced diet. You need ingredients from each food group, and your skincare routine needs a combination of ingredients to be healthy. You are going to need a hyaluronic serum, retinol, Vitamin C exfoliator, and SPF for a well-rounded regimen. This is why my HYPERPIGMENTATION COLLECTION is the perfect edited set for healthy and glowing skin.

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