Top 3 Selling Collections of 2021

The Most Coveted Dr. Lara Devgan Collections

When it comes to skincare, there’s not just one miracle product. You want to view skincare as building blocks designed to address different concerns and ultimately work together. My collections are handpicked, edited approaches of products that compliment each other and effectively improve your overall skin quality. With the year coming to a close, I’m highlighting my three best selling skincare collections!

1. Serum Superheroes Collection
If you are a minimalist looking for an edited, yet effective approach to anti-aging, my SERUM SUPERHEROES is the perfect collection for you. It includes, my HYALURONIC SERUM, VITAMIN C+B+E FERULIC SERUM, AND MY RETINOL + BAKUCHIOL SERUM. When using these products together, you will see incredible transformations in the quality and tightness of your skin. No matter what your skin concern is, you will be shocked by the results!

2. Hyperpigmentation Collection

My HYPERPIGMENTATION COLLECTION is an edited set of some of my favorite products to target sun damage, discoloration, and acne scars. It includes my SERUM SUPERHEROES, MICRODERMABRASION SCRUB, and SPF 44 BB CREAM. These five products will work together to brighten, soften, and even the skin tone.

3. Luxury Skincare Collection

For those who want it all, my LUXURY SKINCARE COLLECTION contains my eight core essential Dr. Lara Devgan products. It includes my RETINOL + BAKUCHIOL SERUM, VITAMIN C + B + E FERULIC SERUM, HYALURONIC SERUM, SPF 44 BB CREAM, PEPTIDE EYE CREAM, ADVANCED RECOVERY CREAM, MICRODERMABRASION SCRUB, and ADVANCED REVITALIZING CLEANSER. These products work in unison and provide a well-rounded skincare regimen to achieve a beautiful complexion.

Xx Dr. Lara


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