The Perfect Product Order: How to Apply Your Products Correctly According to Dr. Devgan

I am constantly being asked by clients what the best order to apply products in is. As we add new and exciting products into our routine, it can be difficult to understand where to fit them in to best maximize each product's efficacy.

The basic order to remember is : 

Treatments (Alpha Beta Hydroxy Pads, Acne Control Serum, etc.)
       Makeup (if using)
    If you are using all of my products (yay!) you can follow this framework. If not, you can sub in other products into this routine as well. 
           Eye cream & Neck Cream
           SPF products: SPF BB Cream, Concealer, Powder
      In the morning after a night's sleep it is important to create a base layer of hydration going into your day. The Hyaluronic Serum is the perfect light layer to leave you hydrated without feeling weighed down. Even more important is making sure you are protected from the sun. SPF should always be worn, even if you will not be outside! Windows won't protect you from UV rays!
             Vitamin C + B + E Ferulic Serum 
             Retinol Bakuchiol Serum
             Resveratrol Night Cream
        At night we want to make sure to thoroughly cleanse the skin of the day's makeup, dirt, and impurities. As you prepare for sleep, you want to apply any strong actives that will work on your skin health as you sleep and a thick night cream that will lock in hydration.
        3 Times A Week
        Microdermabrasion Scrub
          An exfoliant should be added roughly three times a week (you should start with less if you have sensitive skin.) This will remove build up of dead skin cells and leave your skin tight and bright. This can be added in either routine after cleansing.


          As Needed
          Advanced Recovery Cream

            If you have dry skin, additional moisture can be added with the Advanced Recovery Cream.


            It is important to remember that it takes time for our skin to adjust to new routines and habits. Be patient with your skin and wait until you go through at least one skin cycle to get your skin adjusted to the new serums, actives, and creams you’re introducing to it. Maintaining a routine and forming a habit takes time, patience, and consistency. Skincare is as much about the process as it is about the desired end result!

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