Back in a Forbes 2019 article, Dr. Lara Devgan was named one of the best women plastic surgeons in NYC and it still holds up! She notes, “when I look at someone’s face, what I like to do is to go from top to bottom. My work allows me to transfer confidence to men and women in a very subtle way. I think that the people who are the most capable of giving you a kind of beauty and aesthetic results are surgeons who truly understand the anatomy of the face.” While over 90% of plastic surgery procedures are done on women, 90% of plastic surgeons  are men. For Dr. Devgan, it is an empowering time to be a woman in this field. The times have changed and women no longer have to live in the binary of smart or beautiful. “Today the idea that you can be a woman with substance but also care about your appearance is something new in this era and it is wonderful for women.” It’s not about looking like someone else but about being the best you!

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