Serum Layering 101

“When it comes to your skincare routine, thinking about product application order is a very important concern. A basic way to think about product order is actives first, then serums, and finish off with moisturizers and SPF. Keep reading to learn about the exact order I apply my serums. Xx Dr. Lara.”
After I wash my face, I apply our brand new Vitamin C+E Ergothioneine Antioxidant Serum for antioxidant protection and a brightening boost.
Next, I apply my Hyaluronic Serum for a hydration boost, and to set a nice base layer for SPF and make up.
In the evening, I apply my Vitamin C+
B+E Ferulic Serum on a freshly cleansed face. This will help fight hyperpigmentation and fine lines overnight.
On top of that I apply the Retinol+Bakuchiol Serum, and I finish off with my Resveratrol Night Cream to lock in moisture and repair dryness.

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