Real Client Story: Retinol+Bakuchiol Serum

I am sharing another amazing real client story with my RETINOL+BAKUCHIOL SEURM. This beautiful client cleared her rosacea and inflammation with the 2.5x concentration of my RETINOL+BAKUCHIOL SERUM. She stopped taking her antibiotics, and within a few days, her flare ups decreased, her rosacea cleared up, and her complexion was bright and glowing.
"I was diagnosed with rosacea 18 months ago, and I started taking doxycycline. It helped clear flare ups, but as soon as I stopped taking it even for a couple of days, it would come back. Two weeks ago I stopped taking the antibiotics, and I started using your Retinol+Bakuchiol Serum. I've ad no inflammation or flare ups. I am so happy with the results!"
My antioxidant rich RETINOL+BAKUCHIOL SERUM is a powerful resurfacing serum that improves skin texture and fights blemishes. Bakuchiol is a plant-based antioxidant rich ingredient that is great for fighting inflammation. If you struggle with rosacea or acne, my RETINOL+BAKUCHIOL SERUM is an amazing option. In a matter of weeks, you will see incredible transformations in your skin. Xx Dr. Lara

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