Real Client Story: Hyperpigmentation

I love hearing real client stories, and this one is not only fabulous, but also very well documented! The beautiful Debbie Yi Madhok, an emergency medicine physician in San Francisco, has been incredibly generous in sharing her skincare journey over a three month time period. She used the HYPERPIGMENTATION COLLECTION as well as the PEPTIDE EYE CREAM and RESVERATROL NIGHT CREAM.

Before Debbie started using Dr. Lara Devgan products, she had already been investing in skincare, but she never saw any dramatic changes. She had already been using a vitamin C, retinoid, and hyaluronic acid from other brands, and she was not expecting much of a change. However, within a few weeks of using Dr. Lara Devgan products, Debbie noticed her skin was brighter and clearer than it had ever been.
Debbie nurtured and renewed her skin with the PEPTIDE EYE CREAM, VITAMIN C + B + E FERULIC SERUM, RETINOL + BAKUCHIOL SERUM, RESVERATROL NIGHT CREAM, and what she called "the best HYALURONIC SERUM" she had ever used.

Two weeks into her new Dr. Lara Devgan skincare regimen, Debbie saw a decrease in cheek hyperpigmentation, and a decrease in fine lines on her forehead and eye area. After a month, Debbie saw a significant change in hyperpigmentation and fine lines on her forehead and eye area.
My HYPERPIGMENTATION COLLECTION is one of my absolute favorite and most powerful collections from my line. With a meaningful improvement in dark spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and scattered sun spots, it provides an increase in the evenness that improves overall skin quality. You can shop Debbie's Real Client Collection here! Xx Dr. Lara

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