Innovating Toward Obsolescence

Any surgeon worth her salt loves being in the OR more than anything else, but is surgery the best thing for all patients? Shouldn’t surgeons be trying to create a world without surgery— or at the very least, less surgery, and only when needed, and in the most beautiful and delicate ways?

I recently ran into a patient in the wild— walking down the street on Madison Avenue on a beautiful New York afternoon. She jostled her iced coffee, and we exchanged pleasantries. But our conversation notwithstanding, what struck me was how amazing she looked. I hadn’t seen her in a year (and she hadn’t seen anyone else), but the combination of surgical and nonsurgical procedures we had done was holding up remarkably well. Yes, she was using my medical-grade skincare and abiding by a healthy lifestyle. But the thing that surprised me the most was the fact that she didn’t need me anymore, at least not for a while...

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