Peak Summer Essentials

“Everything you need to keep your skin glowing and healthy all summer long.” Xx Dr. Lara.
Platinum Lip Plump SPF 30 is our all in one lip plumping gloss. Rich in collagen producing ceramides, niacin, and mixed-molecular weight hyaluronic, this product promotes lip hydration, visible volumization, improvement in pink color, and antioxidant protection.
 Hyaluronic Serum is a mega hydrating serum formulated to plump and rejuvenate the skin, while reducing fine lines, increasing skin firmness, and improving elastin production.
The Vitamin C+E Ergothioneine Antioxidant Serum is your new summer go-to. A powerful blend of antioxidants and botanicals to promote a bright complexion, intensify protection against free radicals, reduce inflammation, increase collagen production, and decrease hyperpigmentation.

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