Not Your Ordinary Hyaluronic Serum

Hyaluronic Serum Breakdown

“With the cold weather this winter, I have been absolutely living with my HYALURONIC SERUM. I love this product because it is not only a mixed molecular weight hyaluronic serum, but it is also niacinamide fortified. It is truly luxurious, hydrating and a skin transforming product, and I think you are really going to love it. Xx Dr. Lara.”

Small Molecular Weight Fragments
This will penetrate your dermis and hydrate from within by drawing in water molecules.

Large Molecular Weight Fragments
The larger fragments rest on top, and improve the barrier protection level of the skin. This is really nice for moisturizing and improving smoothness and suppleness for a glass skin look.

This is a B Vitamin derivative that adds nutrients to the skin, and it helps as an antioxidant.

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