In the second part of Dr. Devgan’s New York Social Diaries interview, she gave insight on popular procedures since the pandemic, the next big things in the plastic surgery field, and the benefits of vitamin c and retinol. 

Dr. Devgan  is probably most known for her use of both non surgical and surgical methods in achieving natural results. “It’s about making subtle changes but still retaining facial identity” Dr. Devgan notes. This approach has proved to be most successful however she notes that setting expectations is key before getting any work done. Genetics will ultimately play a huge role in setting realistic goals and she has even turned away people who show signs of body dysmorphia. After all, subtle is the new dramatic.

One of the beauty secrets Dr. Devgan shed light on is the fact that beauty comes from health first. Maintaining daily exercise, hydrating, and eating healthy is a huge part of beauty and looking strong and healthy. She also said that sleeping on your back, avoiding the sun, and reducing alcohol intake can all benefit the skin and prevent early signs of aging. 

Regarding skincare, Dr. Devgan is an avid user of her medical-grade skincare line Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty. As a busy working doctor, life can get a little hectic but on a good day, Dr. Devgan  uese a cleanser and hyaluronic serum in the morning and a vitamin c and retinol  at night. . “It’s important to remember that everyone’s skin type is different” Dr. Devgan remarks. Knowing what type of skin you have and starting slow with any product you are introducing to your skin is always key. 

So what’s next for Dr. Devgan? She’s looking forward to her beauty metrics masterclass in May and is anticipating her own art show in NYC! Listen to the full interview here.

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