How to Prevent Your Skin From Breaking Out When You Travel East or West

Thank you Allure Magazine for including my take on travel skincare! Travel and change of environment can cause dryness, inflammation, and breakouts. My number one tip is to stay hydrated and stay consistent with your skincare regimen when you're travelling.
"Skin experts aren't immune to travel-related skin problems either - Lara Devgan MD, a New York City board-certified plastic surgeon, can relate. Dr. Devgan tells me she visits her parents in Santa Monica regularly and has "certainly" experienced her fair share of skin problems (hers being dryness and irritation).
"'The skin is an organ, and like all organs, it functions best when it's in a state of equilibrium,' says Dr. Devgan. "Our home environment is like a little microbiome, a mini-world, and when we disrupt the natural conditions of that world, we
Re giving our environment a little earthquake. The aftershocks of that earthquake can show up as irritation, dermatitis, and acne."'

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