Glowing Skin is In

A Hero Ingredient
  “There is no denying that hyaluronic acid has been a buzz word in the skincare world for the past few years. Many of the products in my medical-grade skincare line are formulated with this hero ingredient, but what makes mine stand out is that they are formulated with MIXED MOLECULAR WEIGHT hyaluronic acid. Not only is the skin instantly plumped and hydrated, but the smaller molecular fragments penetrate deep into the dermis and provide long lasting hydration. Xx Dr. Lara.” 
 Not only does this serum include ultra-soothing cannabis sativa hemp seed oil, but it is formulated with mixed molecular weight hyaluronic to hydrate and protect the skin’s dermal barrier function. 
Our mixed-molecular weight Hyaluronic Serum is the latest innovation in skin care for a “glass skin” look. It boosts collagen, smooths the appearance of fine lines, hydrates the skin, improves dermal barrier function, and reactivates collagen and elastin production.
My cult-favorite Platinum Lip Plump is formulated with mixed molecular weight hyaluronic acid to hydrate and nourish the lips, penetrating the vermillion tissue and hydrating the surface of the lips.

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