Dr. Devgan’s Routine for Healthy Lashes and Brows

“My PLATINUM LONG LASH contains powerful ingredients like Phytopeptides, B5, and Clover Flower Extract to nourish a healthy environment for eyelashes and eyebrows to flourish and look their most beautiful, luscious, healthy, long selves…” xx Dr. Lara

I like to use my EXTREME LENGTHENING MASCARA after applying the PLATINUM LONG LASH. This is a black carbon-based mascara that extends and separates the lashes using a curved silicone wand to give the appearance of curled and elongated lashes.”


“I’ve been trying various eyelash serums to help with more naturally defined look oh no-makeup days, with no luck - all of them sensitized my eyes too much. Like, “red eyes for days” kind of too much. But this serum is a different story! No irritation whatsoever. And the results! I’ve been using it morning and night for 3 weeks, and I noticed that my eyelashes are not only longer (already), but they are now growing in three rows!!!” 



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