“My products represent a very surgical concept—beauty is in the details and improvement is found in the millimeters,” says Lara Devgan, a plastic surgeon in New York City. To refine the skin’s tone and texture, she combines high concentrations of clinically proven actives (like 15 percent vitamin C) with other skin-care stars, such as collagen-boosting peptides and barrier-repairing ceramides.

“It’s not just the concentration of active ingredients that’s important, but how they play with others in the formula,” she says. Her Hyaluronic Serum, for example, contains mixed molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to hydrate different layers of the skin, as well as niacinamide and glycerin.

image of Dr. :ara Devgan Lip Plump silver tube and applicator on white background w shadow

The best seller, though, is her Platinum Lip Plump, which pairs hyaluronic acid with niacin to approximate (temporarily) in-office injections.

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