“If you wear out your shoes, you can buy new ones. But skin? You can’t replace that”

In this recent interview with THE KIT Dr. Devgan discusses changing societal norms and her products and procedures of choice for ideal skin maintenance.

“For so long, society dichotomized the idea that either you can be a person of substance or you can be someone who’s obsessed with how they look, but really, it’s not that simple,” says Dr. Lara Devgan, one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the U.S.. “We never want to be frivolous with what we put our energy into, but investing in ourselves is very fundamental. It’s rooted in wanting to feel like the best version of yourself.”
With life expectancy projected to rise steadily, Devgan says it’s only logical we look after our skin: our body’s largest organ and outermost layer. “If you were wearing the same sweater for 100 years, you would take excellent care of it and wash it by hand. So, if you’re going to be inhabiting the same physical body and tissues, you want to take care of them because you have to live in that environment.”

One of Devgan’s favorite new ways to do that is something called the “gold micro-infusion facial,” which uses microneedling to infuse tiny amounts of Botox, hyaluronic acid filler and platelet-rich plasma into the skin, giving it a poreless, glassy look. “That’s become very popular in my practice—we did a lot of that leading up to the Met Gala.” It comes at a price: upwards of $3,000. For something a wee bit more affordable, she cites retinol serum (hers, hailed by many as miraculous goes for $420) and neuromodulators (such as Botox—about $250 to iron out those 11s) as the product and procedure that offer the most bang for your buck.

In a way, a plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist can act as a sort of financial advisor for your face, helping you determine how to make the best use of your funds. “I know that people can sometimes feel strange talking about [money], but ultimately, that’s what’s on everyone’s mind,” says Devgan. “It’s important to think of the practical considerations.”

But as Dr. Devgan says, it is not only a way to look good, but taking care of your face is a form of self-care that helps you feel amazing in your skin.

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