At Home Self Care Essentials

Dr. Lara Devgan's At Home Self Care Essentials

Gold Infused Collagen Treatment Mask
My luxurious GOLD INFUSED COLLAGEN TREATMENT MASK makes for the perfect at home self care night. Formulated with collagen and hyaluronic acid, it hydrates and rejuvenates the skin’s appearance.

Microdermabrasion Scrub
My magnificent MICRODERMABRASION SCRUB is an amazing physical exfoliant for dry and dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation provides the face with a fresh and soft complexion. This leads to even texture and a brighter complexion.

Peptide Eye Cream
Leave dull and tired eyes in 2021 with my luxurious and effective PEPTIDE EYE CREAM. Formulated with powerful ingredients, including a blend of vitamins, phyto-peptides, mixed molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, and supple moisturizer. It clinically reduces the appearance of fine lines, crows feet, dark circles, puffiness, signs of aging.

Xx Dr. Lara

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