Want to know how the TikTok superstar “Tinx” achieves skincare goals? Known worldwide for her dating advice and input on the lifestyles of the elite, she is also known for her poreless and "glass" skin. Not only does Christina Najjar AKA Tinx see Dr. Lara Devgan as a patient, but she is a devoted fan of her skincare products. THE TINX EDIT includes her must-have products from the Dr. Lara Devgan skincare line. She uses these products on a daily basis to achieve glowing skin, long lashes, and plump lips.

“I mean, Dr. Devgan is amazing — I would trust her with my life. Because she’s a plastic surgeon, you know she’s thinking deeply about each product, and she’s not going to put her name behind anything she hasn’t totally tested. My mom actually found her, and it was just by the grace of a good God that we stumbled into the best plastic surgeon in the world.” -Christina Najjar (Tinx)