Strive for Healthy Skin, Not Perfect Skin

I was recently a guest on Sonni Abatta's podcast, "We Gotta Talk" where we discussed everything skincare and plastic surgery. From the current trends in plastic surgery, what age you should have a neck lift, and the fallacies of having "perfect skin." 
The idea that having large pores, blemishes, and skin texture is "unhealthy" is not true. Many of my patients ask me how they can eliminate their pores, but pores are the channels of largest organ in your body. You simply cannot eliminate them. Filter culture on social media is skewing our idea of what healthy skin is supposed to be, and we no longer understand that we are allowed to have imperfections. 
Imperfections are normal, large pores, are normal, and skin texture is normal. As a plastic surgeon and CEO of a skincare line, I am striving to change the narrative around what it means to have healthy skin. You can have healthy skin, and still have irregular texture and blemishes. Strive for healthy skin, not perfect skin. 
Thank you Sonni Abatta for having me on your podcast! To hear more, head over to Spotify or Apple Music. 

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