With this past year being spent indoors, we have found ourselves adjusting to remote work and school. Zoom has consumed most of our life and this extra amount of camera time has forced us to over observe our face. The latest episode of Refinery29’s “Macro Beauty,” follows Rachel, someone who felt like what she saw on her screen no longer reflected herself. Rachel remarks that, “I spend most of my days on Zoom calls staring at my face. Over the past year, I’ve learned that I’m more resilient than I thought I was. I’m more positive, I have a better sense of humor. But when I was looking at myself on those Zoom calls, I didn’t see that person.” Rachel met with Dr. Devgan to address her concerns and possible procedures. While some patients opt for non-surgical and surgical techniques to preserve facial identity while achieving facial beauty, after consulting with Rachel, Dr. Devgan recommended a non-surgical approach; a suture suspension to lift Rachel’s face. Check out Rachel’s journey here.

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