Dr. Lara Devgan guests on 'Climbing in Heels' with Rachel Zoe

“Plastic surgery is not even about how you look. It’s about identity and confidence, and if I’m doing my job well, then any indication that I’ve even been present is not available… The best, most beautiful, artistic, bespoke work slips into the background. It’s almost like fashion where there is a bespoke, couture element to it.” - Dr. Lara Devgan

Dr. Devgan guests on ‘Climbing In Heels’ with @rachelzoe and discusses how plastic surgery parallels fashion in its focus on both form and function.



Dr. Devgan goes on to discuss how exercise, sleep position, and skincare will impact attractiveness, health, and longevity.



A behind the scenes look at filming! Thank you to Rachel Zoe for spotlighting incredible women and their vital contributions to society. 




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